21' Regal Series Engine Forward Diesel

 This boat is for catching Pacific Norhtwest Salmon and other local fish. It will spend time on the Columbia River residing on the Oregon Coast.

25’ Regal Yanmar 8LV Diesel Ocean Series (off to paint)

This boat will be used for fishing throughout Canada.

26' Regal 8LV diesel (in rigging)

This boat will make it's home in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

21' Regal engine forward (ready for sea trial)

This boat is headed to Michigan to Steelhead fish very shallow rivers.

26' twin diesel Regal (delivered)

This 26' twin  6BY diesel is headed to the waters of Fort St John, BC, Canada.  It will feature "MaxSteer" Precision Weld's new hydraulic joy stick steering.

30' twin Cummins diesel Regal (Delivered)
<em>This 30' boat is the first aluminum jet boat powered by twin Cummins 6.7L marine diesel engines.  It will also feature "MaxSteer" Precision Weld's exclusive joy stick hydraulic steering system.  The boat is headed to New Jersey and the Atlantic ocean. The interior and rear deck will sport luxurious lounging that rivals top of the line pontoon boat interiors.</em> <a href="http://imarguerite.com/small-personal-loans-with-bad-credit">imarguerite.com/small-personal-loans-with-bad-credit</a>
29' twin diesel Ocean Regal (delivered)

This 29' twin diesel is the first of the Ocean series featuring 39" sides, a new deadrise bow design, and other features for offshore boating. This boat will make it's home in Alberta, Canada.

30' twin diesel Regal
  <em>This 30' twin V8 diesel will make its home in the waters of North Dakota and the Missouri River. It's the first boat to feature "MaxSteer", Precision Weld's new joy stick hydraulic steering.</em> <a href="http://ski-resorts-japan.com/1000-dollar-payday-loans" rel="nofollow">discuss</a>
26' twin diesel Regal
<em>This custom 26' twin diesel</em> <em>boat will be carving the waters near Calgary, AB and British Columbia.</em> <a href="http://www.mrconsulting-group.com/application-for-credit" rel="nofollow">http://www.mrconsulting-group.com/application-for-credit</a>
******FOR SALE********* 29' twin diesel Regal (now in Vancouver)
<em>This 29' twin diesel was designed to run the Ocean and shallow rivers with the concept of a seaworthy plush deck boat.  It was tested off the shores of the Atlantic in Jersey Shores.  The boat performed flawless and a new boat with even bigger engines and jets is being built for the same right now.  This boat is owned by Precision Weld and is now located at our factory in Vancouver, WA.  It is also being equipped with Precision Weld's new "Maxsteer" joy stick hydrualic steering system and will be on display at the upcoming Portland boat show.