23' engine forward Regal (Now FOR SALE!)

This 23' engine forward Regal was built to run the Snake River in Idaho and mainly used for fishing.

26' engine forward Regal

A 26' engine forward Regal that fishes the area of Slave Lake, AB Canada.

23' engine forward Regal

A 23' engine forward fishing beauty that will be fishing the waters of Ontario, Canada.

25' diesel Regal

Watch for this 25' Regal running the white water on the Snake River in Idaho while sporting the first Yanmar diesel V8 engine on the market.

30' twin diesel Guide Series

A 30' twin diesel that doesn't need to stop for anything with a 200 gal. (us) fuel capacity. This boat was built for hauling many people and a lot of gear long distances for fishing or hunting in Takla Lake, BC Canada.

26' twin diesel Regal

This 26' twin diesel was built for camping and entertaining on Slave Lake, Canada.

24' engine forward Regal

24' engine forward diesel built to fish the rivers and lakes around Clackamas, OR.

20' engine forward Regal

This 20' engine forward diesel Regal is running the skinny waters near Paw Paw, Michigan.

FOR SALE !!!!!! 25' twin diesel Regal

This 25' twin diesel is a terrific buy.  It was built for camping and traveling many rivers and chasing whitewater throughout Idaho.  An incredible multi-purpose boat.  Not too big and not too small.

25' diesel Regal

A 25' high deck that sports an Alaskan bulkhead sliding door to keep the evening breeze out while entertaining on the waters of Albany, OR.