25' diesel Regal

This 25' Precision Weld Regal was the first boat in the world to get Yanmar's new 8LV twin turbo-charged V8 diesel.  It has production engine #1 and runs the heavy whitewater of the Snake River in Hell's Canyon.

30' twin diesel Guide Series

A 30' twin diesel that doesn't need to stop for anything with a 200 gal. (us) fuel capacity. This boat was built for hauling many people and a lot of gear long distances for fishing or hunting in Takla Lake, BC Canada.

26' twin diesel Regal

This 26' twin diesel was built for camping and entertaining on Slave Lake, Canada.

24' engine forward Regal

This 24' diesel Regal fishes the waters of Oregon and Washington.

20' engine forward Regal

This 20' engine forward diesel Regal runs the skinny waters of the Paw Paw River in Michigan.

25' twin diesel Regal

This 25' twin diesel is owned and operated by Salmon River Lodge.  It's been conversted to a USCG certified vessel.  Come check out Brooks Murphy owner of Samlon River Resort for a trip of a life time.

25' diesel Regal

A 25' high deck that sports an Alaskan bulkhead sliding door to keep the evening breeze out while entertaining on the waters of Albany, OR.

20' Open Guide Series

A 20' open guide with a super-charged 6.2L engine that will get you to those fishing holes in the rivers in Montana faster than anyone else.

25' engine forward diesel Regal

This 25' engine forward diesel Regal finds itself at home on the waters of Norman Wells Territory.

24' engine forward Regal

This 8.1 L  gas powered 24' Regal lives in Tri Cities, WA and frequents Hells Canyon on tthe Snake river and fishes the mighty Columbia River near it's home.